The Year Ahead in Old Village

Hello Old Village Friends and Neighbors!

It’s been a few weeks since I have written a post – I was pretty wiped out after the Halloween party, and then we had Thanksgiving – suddenly Winter Break and the Holiday season and now here we are firmly in February. I say it with every year I get older – time is definitely speeding up.

There was not a whole lot of village business recently – just after Thanksgiving a small group of volunteers ”twinklified” Starkweather Park Gazebo and fir tree. The decorations on the fir tree are now down but I do love to see the gazebo all lit up at night – it looks charming in the snow – I haven’t the heart to organize take down – maybe we should keep them up all year?

There has been a few exciting changes in the Village since Fall. The Honey Hole diner has reopened after much anticipation, it is great to see patrons inside again. We also welcomed the newly rebranded Plymouth Depot – formerly Eats and Sweets, there is still ice cream galore but now barista coffee and breakfast and lunch available too. I enjoyed a lovely latte and breakfast bagel there a couple of weeks back, there is a sweet cafe area inside to enjoy your purchases. The Village also welcomed the new Bearded Lamb Brewery where Liberty Street Brewing used to be. They are offering a wide variety of craft brews and ciders. If you are feeling peckish, they have snacks and chili from Beyond Borders on Main Street. The Bearded Lamb is hosting trivia and comedy nights in their upstairs space – well worth checking out.

We have a lot of good things to look forward to this year, we will have the Old Village Yard and Trunk sales at the end of April – date to be confirmed, Bumpers, Bikes and Bands will be back Sunday July 17th. October will see the return of the Pumpkin Path – after the fabulous contribution our Old Village businesses made last year, we are thinking that some residents would like to take part? We will also be holding another Halloween Block Party for our younger Old Villagers. In addition to that it was suggested at this month’s OVA meeting (more on that later) that we bring back the Plymouth Chili Cook Off – we are really in the tentative early stages of figuring out if we can do this but we are currently thinking the end of September – what do you think? Would you like to see the return of the Chili Cook Off in Old Village? Let me know your thoughts!

Lastly I will be writing up the details of OVA meetings and posting them here in the Voice so even if you cannot make it to the meetings, you will be able to see what is discussed (now I just have to decipher my mad scribblings I make ) so expect that to drop in the next couple of days.

Stay Warm Villagers!


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