Old Village Association March Meeting Minutes

Meeting Held Wednesday March 9th 2022

The meeting was started by clarifying what the Old Village Association is and is not (Refer to tab at the top ”What Is The OVA?)

Bumpers, Bikes and Bands

Trish had a very positive experience at Autorama. She distributed hundreds of flyers advertising this year’s BBB on July 17th. An ad for the event will also be run in Cruis’News – probably the most widely distributed magazine for all things vintage cars.

Old Village Trunk and Yard Sales

Jan rang the city to confirm Spring Clean Up day, although nothing concrete, the expecttion is for it to be the first weekend in May, so Yard and Trunk Sales are set for April 30th. Trunk sales will be held at the Mason Lodge on Amelia and the lot opposite – a big thank you to the Masons for holding this and overseeing it, a spot at the Trunk sale will be $20. This event is always well attended. OVA will reach out to residents via flyer to encorage as many homes as possible to take part, this would also be a good day for Old Village businesses to have a ”Pop Up” . Mark, Trish and Jan to coordinate flyer and walking map.


Hurray the banners are up! Thanks to Mark Oppat, Matt Zandee, Dave Cirilli and Mark Waller for getting it done.

Tony Sebastian

Tony is a long time resident of Old Village, a local business owner, a city commissioner and our Mayor Pro Tem. Tony spoke on a number of issues…

Firstly, as Old Village falls outside of the Plymouth DDA (Downtown Development Authority) Tony is investigating the possibility of creating a TIF (Tax Increment Financing) for the business area of Old Village (East side of Starkweather to West side of Mill, Pearl to Main) Tony stressed he was not looking at increasing taxes but creating a tax capture. The funds created from this TIF would be used for any projects within the business area that were deemed necessary – the TIF would be managed by a board approved by the city. This idea is in its infancy, Tony is still very much in the research phase, so watch this space for more updates.

Tony also discussed the possibility of Starkweather becoming a one way street (one way going towards Main) and having angled parking along one side to increase parking for businesses and their clients.

A question was raised about the possibility of having a crossing on Mill, as more family homes are being built in the east side of Old Village and traffic is very fast moving down Mill (a car flipped over on the tracks just last year). Mill is a county road so getting a crossing means applying to the County. Tony suggested getting Plymouth police to have a presence on Mill to slow traffic down.

Any Other Business

The parking lot on Spring between the Honey Hole and the jewelers is in a poor state and needs resurfacing.

Tom Young from the Chamber of Commerce said he would be attending more meetings and would like to promote Old Village events.

Attending : Trish Horstman (MLN) , Jan and Mark Waller (residents) , Leann Meixner (resident/Village Properties) Mark Oppat (resident/Village Properties) Kristi Holmes (resident/R3 Relexology), Reggie Wessel (OV business owner), Ryan Lamb (The Bearded Lamb Brewery), Greta Bolhuis (resident/City) Jonathan Collins (resident/City), Carly Cirilli (resident/Plymouth Pollinators) Bonnie Butler (Plymouth Depot) Tom Young (Plymouth Chamber of Commerce), AQuil Dennison (Henna Leaf), Aleah Bishop Cain (Lacquer & Co), Kristin Wessel (OV business owner), Dr Kyle Farr (Detroit Medical Spa), Tony Sebastian (resident/business owner/City), Randee Garrett (Avabelle), Megan Martin (Kiloh & Co), Randy (Masons)

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3 Responses to Old Village Association March Meeting Minutes

  1. Mark Oppat says:

    A really great meeting, lots of attendees and lots of stuff discussed ! Spring is just peeping around the corner…. lets have a huge Yard and Trunk Sale this year !

    Everyone– email me if you want to be on the map ! Tell your neighbors too. I would like to have a list of any featured items at your sales. The maps go out at several locations but mainly at the Trunk Sale as we direct everyone to start there. Mark Oppat
    OV Yard and Trunk Sale Chairperson

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