April Showers Stay Away! We’re Holding A Yard Sale!

April is here, crocuses are appearing in front yards, green shoots are pushing their way up through the earth, Hermanns have put out their patio. Spring is coming people!

It’s a great time to Spring Clean and sort out your stuff, my home has been through some changes recently, the eldest moved out before Covid, the youngest moved out for college and that just left me, Mark and the dogs looking at each other thinking “Wow this house is a lot bigger than I realized” then the youngest came back with all her stuff… so not so big anymore. All this coming and going has me looking at things and thinking “Do I need you anymore?”

Saturday April 29th brings the annual Old Village Yard and Trunk Sales, this is a great way to sustainably move your unwanted things out AND make a few dollars in the process. This event always brings a lot of foot traffic to Old Village (please weather be kind to us).

Please share this image with friends and family on your social media!

If you are an Old Village resident and would like to hold a yard sale – let us know by emailing plymoutholdvillageassociation@yahoo.com – let us know your address and a brief description of what you are selling and we will add you to our walking map – we do not include residents names on the walking map.

If you are an Old Village business owner and want to hold a special pop up during the sales we can add you to the map too!

If you are not a resident or do not have yard space then the Masons on Farmer and Amelia can help you! They have a large parking lot opposite their lodge and will rent a space 20’ x 10’ for $20, if you need extra spaces they will be $10, they also have a limited amount of tables that can be rented. Spaces are allotted on the day of the event on a first come, first served basis from 7am

If you have any questions feel free to contact us plymoutholdvillageassociation@yahoo.com

The Yard sales are our first event of the year, if you’ve never held a sale – please consider it – maybe team up with your neighbors and hold a joint sale, it can be a lot of fun! If you are not selling, you can still support by spreading the word and taking a walk around the neighborhood – you never know you might find a treasure!

Happy Spring everyone!

Jan x

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