A New Year and Plans for Wilcox Lake

Happy New Year to you all!

2022 was a bumper year for the OVA, a return to a sort of normalcy pre pandemic saw the return of the Spring yard sales, Bumpers, Bikes and Bands and the Halloween Block Party to Liberty St. We also managed to hold a Chili Cook Off. All of these events were well attended and supported by residents and business owners – as we always say – it takes a Village!

So here we are at the start of 2023 – what will this year bring to Old Village?

First up is a very special OVA meeting.

Wednesday January 11th 2023

6.30pm – 7.30pm

Bearded Lamb Brewery (second floor)

149 W. Liberty Street Plymouth MI 48170

(please note that the meeting room does not have universal access


Wayne County Parks and Alliance of Rouge Communities [ARC] representatives will be providing an overview of the upcoming restoration projects at Wilcox and Phoenix Lakes. Some planned improvements include dredging contaminated sediment, removing invasive species and establishing spawning habitat for native fish to name a few.  

These historical impoundments [called lakes locally] are roughly located in the north end of Plymouth’s Old Village, north central end of Plymouth Township and the central south edge of Northville Township.  The late Henry Ford used these two impoundments as reservoirs to harness hydroelectricity as a method to power the two adjacent manufacturing facilities that produced parts for airplanes and vehicles.  

These projects are being funded by the Environmental Protection Agency [EPA] Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. The Rouge River is one of 25 remaining Areas of Concern. These projects will help make steps to remove them from this federal designation. To learn more about the project, visit The Rock, December 2022 issue p. 12-14 for more details and sketches of the draft improvements.

Article written by Tim Smith in the December issue of The Rock

This is an important opportunity to learn more about the project and provide feedback to Wayne County Parks specifically regarding these projects for consideration.  

Please RSVP on Eventbrite so we can make sure to have enough room for everyone who wishes to participate.

This public meeting will be held at the regularly scheduled Plymouth Old Village Association’s monthly meeting time. Regular OVA business will follow the conclusion of this public meeting.

About the Projects:

Wilcox Lake , roughly located in the north end of Plymouth’s Old Village, and Phoenix Lake, situated on the line between Plymouth and Northville Townships, are historical impoundments used by two of Henry Ford’s manufacturing facilities to harness hydroelectric energy for use.

These projects, funded by the Environmental Protection Agency [EPA] Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, will improve the health of the lakes and Rouge River by removing contaminated sediments and invasive species, and by establishing spawning habitats for native fish.

The completion of these projects will help make steps to remove the Rouge River as a federally designated Area of Concern, a list which it as occupied since 1987. Removal from this list will mean that the communities of the Rouge River watershed will have a healthier Rouge to enjoy for the first time in generations.

To learn more about recent Area of Concern projects that have been completed recently in the Rouge, visit [DredgingToday.com FOTR post]


And don’t forget to RSVP at the following link



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Old Village Voice Summer 2022 Edition – PLUS! A Fantastic Fundraiser!

The Summer edition of the Old Village Voice is hot off the presses! Hard copies will be distributed over the next week – but here is the color copy and a printable PDF for your perusal.


BIG BIG THANKS to Dr Kyle Farr of Detroit Medical Spa in Old Village and Kyle Farr Aesthetics & Wellness in DTP for this wonderful raffle prize.

This amazing Summer Party Kit has EVERYTHING you could possibly need to hold a wonderful Summer get together, valued at over $1200 this bundle is jam packed with Yeti products, alcohol, soda and snacks as well as cups and Red Bull merch – you do not want to miss out on this fantastic prize!

Tickets are $10 or for $20 you can get 3!!!! You must be over 21 to purchase tickets.

Tickets will be on sale at Bumpers Bikes and Bands July 17th at the OVA tent – but if you can’t make Bumpers this year you can purchase tickets in advance from The Bearded Lamb, My Little Needle Tattoo shop and both of Dr Kyle’s establishments – WE WILL NOT BE SELLING TICKETS ONLINE – BE AWARE OF SCAMMERS!!!!

Advance tickets are only available from the mentioned businesses or from the OVA tent on the day of Bumpers.

A winner will be drawn at Bumpers, Bikes and Bands

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Community Collaboration At It’s Best

I didn’t sleep too well the night of June 10th. I was worrying. If you ask my husband Mark I worry about everything so this was nothing new, but I was particularly anxious that night as I smashed my pillows and turned over for the 100th time and tried to turn my brain off.


For a couple of weeks I had been appealing for volunteers to help out with a clean up project around the top of Wilcox Lake – the tree line along Mill and Wilcox was overgrown and dense, many of the native trees were being crowded out by invasive species. We were partnering with our friends the Plymouth Pollinators who have undertaken a number of beautification/pollination projects in Old Village and I really really really didn’t want to let them down. A couple of folks had signed up to the Google form, a couple of folks had told me by text or on social media that they would be there – but you never really know do you?

The City of Plymouth were providing us with tools and cones and safety signs, they had also committed to chipping all the cuttings – what would it look like if there was only a handful of people? I really didn’t want to be troublesome and bring all these resources and city workers out for nothing.

So there I was staring at the ceiling at 4am working on my apologies.

I walked down to Point Park just before 9am on Saturday, muttering to myself “Please let there be people, please let there be people”. As I rounded the corner I could see tables being set up, the City were unloading tools, and there were people!!!!

Just a few of our wonderful volunteers!

All in all nearly 20 people came to help! Our group was made up of residents, business owners and friends of the Village – everyone brought their A game and really got stuck in to the project. We focused on cutting down Buckthorn and Honeysuckle which was growing out of control. We cut these down to waist height with the plan to return in the Fall to cut them down further and apply herbicide.

Thank you to Pete Mundt Plymouth photographer for taking so many wonderful shots of the day!

If you get the chance to walk down to Point Point you can see the lake now!

If you would like to help out with future work in this area leave a comment on this blog post! i can’t thank everyone involved enough for all their help – every time i drive home from Northville Road I smile as I can glimpses of the lake – a job well done everyone!

Jan x

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Your Village Needs You!!!

Can you help us?

Spring has most definitely sprung in Old Village. We have had beautiful displays of blossom, lilacs and oh my goodness the magnolias this year! The trees are leafy once more and after that long winter we can now start to look forward to the summer.

We have an upcoming beautification project that we really need some volunteers for.

On Saturday June 11th, between 9am and 1pm, we will be joining forces with our friends the Plymouth Pollinators and The Friends of the Rouge, with help from the City of Plymouth and Wayne County to clear some invasive species in and amongst the trees and bushes that grow along the top of Wilcox Lake – that also run along Mill and Wilcox roads.

We are hoping by thinning out the density of the growth here, we might be able to create something of a lake view – maybe a glimpse – from Point Park.

Just imagine – sitting here and maybe seeing Lake Wilcox! How lovely!

Many hands will make light work! If you can spare a few hours on June 11th – meet us at 9am in Point Park – where Northville Rd splits into Starkweather and Mill for a short introduction presentation of what we will be removing. Bring gloves, safety glasses, hand tools – pruners, loppers and hand saw, water to stay hydrated and sunscreen. We will be working until 1pm.

Mark and I live on Mill just up from Point Park, we would like to invite all the workers back to our yard for well earned refreshments and eats afterwards.

Let’s make this a fun community event and make an improvement to our little part of the world. If you can help us on June 11th please fill out the Google form below, so we know how many people to expect. Even if you can spare just a couple of hours come and join us – you will make a difference!


Hudson would really like to be able to see Wilcox Lake from this spot.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to add them here in the comments section or email us at plymoutholdvillageassociation@yahoo.com

Thank you for your anticipated help! and Happy Spring!

Jan xx

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An Old Village Treasure Map!

Well, tomorrow is the big day, I don’t want to jinx it but the *hushed tones* weather is looking pretty good.

If you want to get organized here is the map you need to go treasure hunting.

Here is a downloadable version that you can print off

Whether you’re selling or shopping I hope it’s a great day for you!

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Let’s Have a Yard Sale!

Now is a great time to have a good sort out and make some cash from those items you no longer want!

Flyers have been going out to Old Village households and businesses this past week. If you are able please spread the word! Below is a printable link to our flyer that you can display or pass on. If you are a social media user please let your followers and friends know about our event!

Let’s make this our best ever Yard and Trunk Sales and get Spring/Summer in Old Village off to a terrific start!

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April Old Village Association Meeting

Come and join us for our April meeting!

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Spring in Old Village.

Do I dare say that Spring is on its way? It has certainly felt like it recently, but as we all know Winter in Michigan can be a pedantic thing and my winter clothes are not getting packed away just yet.

The big signifier to me that Spring is on its way is that I’ve just entered the date for the Old Village Trunk and Yard Sales into our events calendar. With the City’s Spring Clean Up due to take place the first weekend of May (fingers crossed, nothing concrete from the City as yet) we have planned for the Yard and Trunk Sales to occur Saturday April 30th 8am – 3pm

If you don’t have a yard or if you live outside of Old Village but have things to sell, trunk sales will be taking place in the lot opposite the Masons Lodge on Farmer, $20 a spot, $10 for extra spots if you need them.

For me, the Yard Sales kick me into action to have a good look at what we have in the house, to see what my kids have outgrown, or in the case of my son what he has left behind. After all much of our pre loved stuff still has love in it for someone else. This is a great way to be environmentally conscious and also who knows make a few $$$$ for your pocket.

This event is always well attended, in the past local businesses have held special pop up events, we’ve had coffee trucks, home baking to sample and lemonade stands raising funds for animal shelters. With us all slowly returning to normalcy it would be wonderful to make this the biggest yard sale event Old Village has seen!

So getting looking in the basement, tell your neighbors, encourage them to have a yard sale and spread the word!

The Old Village Association will create a walking map of the yard sales, starting at the trunk sales at the Masons and making its way around the village. If you are an Old Villager – resident or business and you are intending to participate in the Yard Sales email Mark Oppat at moppat@comcast.net include your address and a brief description of what you are selling or if you have a particular piece/collection that buyers would be interested in.


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Old Village Association March Meeting Minutes

Meeting Held Wednesday March 9th 2022

The meeting was started by clarifying what the Old Village Association is and is not (Refer to tab at the top ”What Is The OVA?)

Bumpers, Bikes and Bands

Trish had a very positive experience at Autorama. She distributed hundreds of flyers advertising this year’s BBB on July 17th. An ad for the event will also be run in Cruis’News – probably the most widely distributed magazine for all things vintage cars.

Old Village Trunk and Yard Sales

Jan rang the city to confirm Spring Clean Up day, although nothing concrete, the expecttion is for it to be the first weekend in May, so Yard and Trunk Sales are set for April 30th. Trunk sales will be held at the Mason Lodge on Amelia and the lot opposite – a big thank you to the Masons for holding this and overseeing it, a spot at the Trunk sale will be $20. This event is always well attended. OVA will reach out to residents via flyer to encorage as many homes as possible to take part, this would also be a good day for Old Village businesses to have a ”Pop Up” . Mark, Trish and Jan to coordinate flyer and walking map.


Hurray the banners are up! Thanks to Mark Oppat, Matt Zandee, Dave Cirilli and Mark Waller for getting it done.

Tony Sebastian

Tony is a long time resident of Old Village, a local business owner, a city commissioner and our Mayor Pro Tem. Tony spoke on a number of issues…

Firstly, as Old Village falls outside of the Plymouth DDA (Downtown Development Authority) Tony is investigating the possibility of creating a TIF (Tax Increment Financing) for the business area of Old Village (East side of Starkweather to West side of Mill, Pearl to Main) Tony stressed he was not looking at increasing taxes but creating a tax capture. The funds created from this TIF would be used for any projects within the business area that were deemed necessary – the TIF would be managed by a board approved by the city. This idea is in its infancy, Tony is still very much in the research phase, so watch this space for more updates.

Tony also discussed the possibility of Starkweather becoming a one way street (one way going towards Main) and having angled parking along one side to increase parking for businesses and their clients.

A question was raised about the possibility of having a crossing on Mill, as more family homes are being built in the east side of Old Village and traffic is very fast moving down Mill (a car flipped over on the tracks just last year). Mill is a county road so getting a crossing means applying to the County. Tony suggested getting Plymouth police to have a presence on Mill to slow traffic down.

Any Other Business

The parking lot on Spring between the Honey Hole and the jewelers is in a poor state and needs resurfacing.

Tom Young from the Chamber of Commerce said he would be attending more meetings and would like to promote Old Village events.

Attending : Trish Horstman (MLN) , Jan and Mark Waller (residents) , Leann Meixner (resident/Village Properties) Mark Oppat (resident/Village Properties) Kristi Holmes (resident/R3 Relexology), Reggie Wessel (OV business owner), Ryan Lamb (The Bearded Lamb Brewery), Greta Bolhuis (resident/City) Jonathan Collins (resident/City), Carly Cirilli (resident/Plymouth Pollinators) Bonnie Butler (Plymouth Depot) Tom Young (Plymouth Chamber of Commerce), AQuil Dennison (Henna Leaf), Aleah Bishop Cain (Lacquer & Co), Kristin Wessel (OV business owner), Dr Kyle Farr (Detroit Medical Spa), Tony Sebastian (resident/business owner/City), Randee Garrett (Avabelle), Megan Martin (Kiloh & Co), Randy (Masons)

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Old Village Association March Meeting!

It’s nearly the second Wednesday of the month and that can only mean one thing! Yup OVA meeting time! This month’s meeting is the one to come to – we have a couple of special guests attending – first Tony Sebastian, Tony is a long time resident of Old Village, he also runs his business from Old Village and if that isn’t enough he is also a Plymouth City Commissioner and Plymouth’s Mayor Pro Tem. Tony has some ideas to share with us about Old Village, which we are really looking forward to hearing.

We will also be welcoming Tom Young from the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber has recently been doing a fabulous online showcase of Old Village and its businesses which is greatly appreciated.

Now I would never say that the OVA meetings are dull (if you are curious about what the OVA concerns itself with – check out the new page ”What Is The OVA? – tab at the top of the page) but this is going to be a pretty exciting meeting! Below is the agenda of items to be reviewed – but if you have an Old Village matter you would like to discuss we finish with an open floor. So come and join us! Meet some neighbors, some lovely business owners and hear from Tony and Tom.

Everyone is Welcome!

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