Old Village Association February Meeting Minutes

Wednesday February 9th 2022 6.30pm

February’s Agenda

Meeting started with apologies from Mayor Pro Tem Tony Sebastian who was unable to attend and present his ideas for Old Village – we are hoping to host Tony at March’s meeting.

2022 Events

Yard and Trunk Sales

Date to be confirmed but looking like it will be April 30th – the weekend before the big City sidewalk trash pick up. The Masons will be hosting the trunk sale at their venue on Amelia and in the car park opposite – a good opportunity for anyone without a yard to participate. Suggestion made by Jan Waller to do a letter drop to residencies to garner more participation. Mark Oppat will review signs – see if we need more. Trish Horstman will design flyer to advertise. Suggestion of letter drop to residencies the week beginning March 26th – volunteers needed to do letter drop. Randee Gannett (Avabelle) inquired about having a tent outside her business during the Yard Sales – something we would encourage our business owners to do if they wish.

Bumpers, Bikes and Bands

Date confirmed Sunday July 17th.

Trish will be promoting this event at Autorama with her Throttle Girls stand.

Last year’s BBB – much bigger than ever before – in preparation for this happening again, OVA to letter drop residencies/businesses on Starkweather, Liberty, Spring about moving cars from street and to be prepared in case they need to leave the area by their vehicle. Discussion about boosting advertising of event on Facebook/Instagram – if we can all do our part to push event to make it a success. Possibilty of emailing followers using MailChimp, Google business profile. BBB has its own separate Instagram account – please follow and share! Trish unveiled the new BBB poster design – following tradition of every year featuring a different car and bike. Discussion of popularity of band – can draw big crowds of we choose wisely.

Any Other Event Ideas?

We would like to try and bring back the Chili Cook Off – end of September – use as a lead in to Pumpkin Path in October? Suggestion of holding it block party style on Liberty – beer tent? Would Bearded Lamb/Hermanns like to participate? OVA to ask. Cook Off would be a people’s choice compettion – could have a DJ – or some sort of entertainment – question of whether the extended patios would return next summer to Liberty – ask Hermanns and Bearded Lamb if they know. OVA to research more – a lot of people miss the Cook Off – would be a welcome return and could be a good fundraiser.


Although the city did come out and reattach banners, there are still some issues and a few of the banners on Mill are the old hummingbird design that we wanted to retire. Mark Oppat, Mark Waller and Matt Zandee (not present at meeting) will make the necessary changes – before next meeting so we can stop talking about banners!


Although Bonnie was not present the OVA congratulated Eats and Sweets becoming the new Plymouth Depot. A number of attendees had sampled coffee and bagels – it was all good and tasty and we wish them every success.

March Meeting scheduled for Wednesday March 9th 6.30pm

Attendees – Trish Horstman (My Little Needle) Jan and Mark Waller (residents) Mark Oppat (resident and Village Properties) Dyllon MacDougall (Edward Jones Financial) Randee Gannett & Jake Bolton (Avabelle) Dr Kyle Farr (Detroit Aesthetics Spa) Kirsti Holmes (R3 Reflexology and Resident) Aleah Bishop-Cain (Lacquer & Co) AQuil Dennison (Henna Leaf) Randy (Masons)

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