Spring in Old Village.

Do I dare say that Spring is on its way? It has certainly felt like it recently, but as we all know Winter in Michigan can be a pedantic thing and my winter clothes are not getting packed away just yet.

The big signifier to me that Spring is on its way is that I’ve just entered the date for the Old Village Trunk and Yard Sales into our events calendar. With the City’s Spring Clean Up due to take place the first weekend of May (fingers crossed, nothing concrete from the City as yet) we have planned for the Yard and Trunk Sales to occur Saturday April 30th 8am – 3pm

If you don’t have a yard or if you live outside of Old Village but have things to sell, trunk sales will be taking place in the lot opposite the Masons Lodge on Farmer, $20 a spot, $10 for extra spots if you need them.

For me, the Yard Sales kick me into action to have a good look at what we have in the house, to see what my kids have outgrown, or in the case of my son what he has left behind. After all much of our pre loved stuff still has love in it for someone else. This is a great way to be environmentally conscious and also who knows make a few $$$$ for your pocket.

This event is always well attended, in the past local businesses have held special pop up events, we’ve had coffee trucks, home baking to sample and lemonade stands raising funds for animal shelters. With us all slowly returning to normalcy it would be wonderful to make this the biggest yard sale event Old Village has seen!

So getting looking in the basement, tell your neighbors, encourage them to have a yard sale and spread the word!

The Old Village Association will create a walking map of the yard sales, starting at the trunk sales at the Masons and making its way around the village. If you are an Old Villager – resident or business and you are intending to participate in the Yard Sales email Mark Oppat at moppat@comcast.net include your address and a brief description of what you are selling or if you have a particular piece/collection that buyers would be interested in.


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