Community Collaboration At It’s Best

I didn’t sleep too well the night of June 10th. I was worrying. If you ask my husband Mark I worry about everything so this was nothing new, but I was particularly anxious that night as I smashed my pillows and turned over for the 100th time and tried to turn my brain off.


For a couple of weeks I had been appealing for volunteers to help out with a clean up project around the top of Wilcox Lake – the tree line along Mill and Wilcox was overgrown and dense, many of the native trees were being crowded out by invasive species. We were partnering with our friends the Plymouth Pollinators who have undertaken a number of beautification/pollination projects in Old Village and I really really really didn’t want to let them down. A couple of folks had signed up to the Google form, a couple of folks had told me by text or on social media that they would be there – but you never really know do you?

The City of Plymouth were providing us with tools and cones and safety signs, they had also committed to chipping all the cuttings – what would it look like if there was only a handful of people? I really didn’t want to be troublesome and bring all these resources and city workers out for nothing.

So there I was staring at the ceiling at 4am working on my apologies.

I walked down to Point Park just before 9am on Saturday, muttering to myself “Please let there be people, please let there be people”. As I rounded the corner I could see tables being set up, the City were unloading tools, and there were people!!!!

Just a few of our wonderful volunteers!

All in all nearly 20 people came to help! Our group was made up of residents, business owners and friends of the Village – everyone brought their A game and really got stuck in to the project. We focused on cutting down Buckthorn and Honeysuckle which was growing out of control. We cut these down to waist height with the plan to return in the Fall to cut them down further and apply herbicide.

Thank you to Pete Mundt Plymouth photographer for taking so many wonderful shots of the day!

If you get the chance to walk down to Point Point you can see the lake now!

If you would like to help out with future work in this area leave a comment on this blog post! i can’t thank everyone involved enough for all their help – every time i drive home from Northville Road I smile as I can glimpses of the lake – a job well done everyone!

Jan x

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